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Authorized User Tradelines...
What You Need to Know

Organic Authorized User: Primary cardholders have the ability to add additional users to an existing credit card account. These individuals, once added, are known as authorized users and have the permission to make purchases with no legal responsibility to pay for any balance incurred on the account. Along with having access to the account, the AU will also reap the benefits of the accounts credit history reporting on their credit report.

‚ÄčPurchased Authorized User: When you purchase a AU tradeline you are making a “piggybacking” arrangement. Piggybacking is an arrangement in which an individual pays a fee to be added as an authorized user solely for the benefit of “renting” the accounts history. In this transaction the added AU never has access to the actual accounts funds. The agreement is temporary and once the agreed upon time lapses the individual is removed as an AU from the primary account. It is important to utilize the credit history while it’s available and reporting on your credit report.

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