All potential clients must be pre-qualified before applying.

You must provide a tri-merged credit report for review. 

Documentation must be submitted to [email protected]

Visit  HERE  to obtain your tri-merged credit report with score included. The company offers a $1 credit monitoring trial and we recommend that you cancel the service before the 7-day  trial expires.

We also accept tri-merged credit reports from other credit monitoring sites.

Once your credit profile is approved you will be contacted immediately to review the next step in the loan process, answer any questions, and assist you with submitting your application package.

What are we looking for during the pre-qualification process?

  • 650 credit score (all 3 bureaus)

  • 3 primary trade-lines 

  • Trade-lines have at least 6 months of history

  • No late payments within the last 12 months

  • Credit Utilization under 50%

  • No new collection accounts in the last year

  • Bankruptcy must be at least 2 years old

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