Credit Building

Do It Yourself

Package 1

“Stop Stressing I Got U.”

Credit Dispute Ebook

“I Got U” Flow Chart 

Step-by-Step Dispute Flow Chart

6 Dispute Letters

  •  -Basic Dispute Letter

  •  -Basic Dispute Alternative Letter

  •  -Dispute Follow-Up Letter

  •  -Method of Verification

  •  -Validation of Debt

  •  -Warning of VOD Refusal




Package 2

“Do It Yourself” Package 

  • Ebook

  • Flow Chart

  • “DIY” Dispute Letter Package

Advance Dispute Letter Package 

  • 609 Letter

  • Courthouse Letter

  • Goodwill Adjustment Letter

  • Validation of Medical Debt (HIPPA Request

  • Credit Inquiry Removal Request (Bureaus)

  • Remove Hard Inquiry (Creditors)

  • Pay for Delete

  • PTCR Basic Dispute Letter (2)

  • Dispute Follow up after no response for 60 days

  • Method of Verification Alternative

  • Validation of Debt (Admission by Silence)

  • From:



Package 3

“Stop Stressing I Got U.”

Credit Dispute Ebook

“I Got U” Flow Chart

Step-by-Step Dispute Flow Chart

Pro Dispute Letter Zip File 

***95 Dispute Letters***

33 Credit Bureau Letters

(Basic Dispute, Credit Inquiry, Identity Theft, FTC Complaint, Owe is Inaccurate, Method of Verification, FCRA Violation, etc…)

  • 52 Creditor-Data Furnisher Letters  

Court Judgement, Collections, Debt Settlement, Credit Card Bill, Pay for Delete, Bankruptcy, No Payment Request, Judgement Proof, Release of Claims, etc…)

  • 2 Letters Used in Challenge     

(Personal Information)

  • 8 MISC Letters

(Chex Systems, Loan Modification, Hardship for Loan, Courthouse, Court Judgement, etc…)

Marketing Material

*Brochure (2)

*Flyer (2)

*Business Card (2)